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Please note this this page is a work in progress - check back for updates, as the lists will be regularly updated! Unless explicitly stated, the decks, books, and resources listed are items that I own or have tried out myself*.

Tarot Decks: 

There are thousands of different Tarot decks, and they generally follow one of three different traditions: (1) The Rider Waite Smith, (2) Thoth, or (3) Tarot de Marseilles. I predominantly work with the former and so that is what you will see on this blog and in this list. 

There are various versions of the 'Rider Waite Smith' (RWS) deck and these (or decks based on them) are referenced in the vast majority of popular / readily-available books. With such a wealth of information about this system, it seems to be the most popular choice for beginners. In all of the different RWS decks, the images are based on artwork by Pamela Colman Smith. 


There are many other decks which are closely based on the RWS, and so can be easily used with the most popular/common reference materials. These are just a few of my personal favourites.


As well as these, I often post about The Wild Unknown (my first deck, below left) and The Fountain Tarot (my favourite, below right).


You can view many more decks, listed by theme, here. Instagram is also a great source of Tarot imagery and there are many hashtags to try such as #tarotdeck, #tarot, #tarotcommunity, and so on.

Great Tarot Books: 

General Tarot Courses / Study Materials (Online)

Great Tarot Communities (Online)

Useful Oracle Deck Resources

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