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Personal intuitive card readings are offered as a stand-alone email service or as part of a healing session via my main website -

Intuitive Readings are an effective way to help you gain clarity and unbiased guidance on the situations in your life. With the intention of receiving the guidance that will most help you - either generally or with something specific - your reading will be based on in-depth knowledge of the cards combined with any intuitive guidance that may be received. 

Readings are not about predicting the future, but will often help you to see things from a new perspective so that you can discern the best way to create your future. In order to reveal a broad and useful picture of the current energies around any situation, closed 'yes/no' questions are avoided. At the time of submitting a query, additional guidance on phrasing your questions (for the most effective advice) may be offered. Advice may not make immediate sense to you - if that happens, give it time and remember that what you most need to hear might not always be what you want to hear! 

An email reading is sent to you as a PDF document which includes an image of the selected card(s) and detailed interpretations as they relate to your question(s). Typically, readings also include further points for your own consideration. 

TO BOOK AN EMAIL READING: Visit my main website by clicking the button below, then select the service you require. (Prices start from just £10.) When you have chosen, simply send the nature of your question with your PayPal payment. I'll email you asap to confirm any additional details and to let you know when you can expect your reading (this will usually be within 48 hours).


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