Feeling Insecure? Try this new spread!

Friday, 17 July 2020

With a new moon on the way, it's time to share my latest spread - a few days early, but it'll give you time to try it out over the weekend. The theme is around insecurities and while that might be something we naturally try to avoid thinking about, it's important work. When we acknowledge these things and release them we free ourselves from their limitations. 

So these five questions are offered as a starting point. 

Feel free to select as many cards as you wish for each of the prompts. Journaling about your cards/interpretations may help you to dive deeper and get more from the exercise. 

Please remember to be kind to yourself - this spread could bring up things that you have not been consciously aware of. If you feel that you would benefit from support as you work through the things that come up, please reach out to an appropriate friend or professional. 

Tarot spread by The Curious Cardslinger - insecurity, healing, positive action
Click the image to view in higher resolution. 

As always, feel free to tag me if you share your spread on Instagram or Facebook. If you would like a personal reading with this spread via Zoom, please visit my other website for further information and to book.  

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