30/11/19 - Blinded by burden?

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

It's been a while since I posted a reading, but it felt right to share a few cards today from the Influence of the Angels Tarot. This is a message for anyone reading who has been feeling burdened and alone in their struggle to deal with something, unable to see the way forward. If that's you, see if this resonates, and as always, please take anything that's helpful. 

Influence of the Angels Tarot by Jody Boginksi Barbessi (Amazon affiliate link)

I'm sensing a huge weight of EXPECTATION here - and that this expectation is largely SELF-INFLICTED, although you might not have recognised that this came from yourself. Perhaps you didn't realise how much effort it would take when you started along this path, but now it might well feel as if you took on more than you can cope with. (You didn't - you're managing so much better than you give yourself credit for!)

The result is that you have a (somewhat self-pitying) sense of being trapped, while still (willingly) BLIND to the fact that you have a choice in the matter. 

The message here is that you DO indeed have a choice in the matter, and the sooner you acknowledge that and do something about it, the better. 

The perceived 'burden' you are carrying is actually vital to your FUTURE SUCCESS - although you may not be able to see that yet. So an element of trust is required. But more than trust is necessary. You also have to start looking forward - BEYOND the 'challenges' that are right in front of you. See how you can take a broader / HIGHER PERSPECTIVE on the situation. 

You might like to consider the following: 
(1) Where/how you can be more compassionate for the choices you have made?
(2) How you can see things differently to acknowledge your strength? and 
(3) What opportunities are available if you do take a new perspective?
But remember this - first, you must be WILLING to see. When you do, you'll realise that you were never really alone and that you do have the vision to move on from a strong position. 

There is a big world out there waiting for your unique strengths...just as soon as you recognise them and are ready to act from them. 

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