New Spread: Seeking Clarity

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

If there is a situation you'd like some clarity on, this general 5-question spread is intended as a starting point for your inquiry. 

Use one or more cards for each question (whatever feels right for you). Consider each card as a potential springboard for deeper reflection or journaling.

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The questions have been carefully selected to help you see things more clearly about the situation and also to take responsibility for your part in it. From that perspective you can consider how to make peace with or to change things so that they work for you. Ultimately, it's offering you the chance to see what might be possible for you as a result of this situation. so stay open-minded with your interpretation!

If you use the spread and post it on social media, please feel free to tag me and/or to use the hashtag #tccseekingclarity.

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