10/08/19 - Found Your Tribe?

Saturday, 10 August 2019

There is something quite magical about connecting with your tribe. People who really 'get' you, with whom you feel alive, energised, and supported. It's not only fun, but it's also restorative and healing! 

However, as you change and grow your needs will also change. In particular, as you progress along your own path - whether that's a spiritual path, in your career, or at a stage of parenting, for example - it can be common to feel a sense of disconnect from some of the people who have been in your life for some time. As a result, you might find yourself seeking out a new 'tribe' - others with the same interests, desires, and experiences that you're having now. 

Moonchild Tarot by Danielle Noel
If this is the case and you find yourself feeling different, misunderstood, or in some way uncomfortable around the people from your 'old life', don't worry. As you continue to evaluate and affirm your priorities, and commit to honouring yourself/your needs, you'll notice that things seem to (magically) work themselves out. Certain people/things will fall away, and in doing so they will create the perfect space for what is more in alignment with whom you are becoming and THAT will be wonderful!

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