29/07/19 - Faith in the Good

Monday, 29 July 2019

Although circumstances may seem to indicate the contrary, today’s card is a reminder that there is inherent goodness in ALL of humanity. The first step to recognising this comes from within. 

Card from Keepers of the Light Oracle by Kyle Gray and Lily Moses 
Recognise the essence of your own TRUE Self, that part of you which is hidden by the mask of ego and fear. Whatever name you give it (the Universe, Source, God, Universal consciousness, etc) that essence is love and it is the same for everyone.

When you trust the good in yourself, you can then extend it and recognise it in others.

If you notice that you are labelling or judging people or situations as “other” in any way, remember that beneath the surface the same love flows through us all. Let that remembering anchor you back into your heart. From there, benevolence and love for humanity are always accessible. (One might even say that having ‘faith’ is knowing this, despite a lack of evidence!)

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