18/07/19 - Finding the stillness within

Thursday, 18 July 2019

"The idea of eternal return is a mysterious one, and Nietzsche has often perplexed other philosophers with it: to think that everything recurs as we once experienced it, and that the recurrence itself recurs ad infinitum! What does this mad myth signify?" - Milan Kundera

Our fear of endings and change, and their resultant uncertainty, sees us repeating the same things over and over and over again. Even if they have a different form, all it takes is to scratch the surface to recognise the recurring themes that continue to play out until we are able to choose a different way of dealing with them. We are often unconscious of the fact that they are cycles or that we have a choice in the matter!

The nature of a cycle or wheel (of fortune), means each point along the circumference is sometimes up and sometimes down. However, just like the eye of a storm, there is a fixed and calm point at the centre. This is also true of our experience as embodied humans. No matter the direction of the 'circumference' - the outer experiences of everyday life - there is a central point which remains steady. 

At the centre of all circumstances, events and occurrences lies the stillness of presence. Eckhart Tolle writes that stillness "is your essential nature. What is stillness? The inner space or awareness in which the words on this page are being perceived and become thoughts. Without that awareness, there would be no perception, no thoughts, no world. You are that awareness, disguised as a person."  

So presence is the point from which our awareness springs. Increased presence leads to increased awareness. This is the point at which we are able to give up fear (the mask of ego) and allow transformation to take place. Which it inevitably will - in its own way and when the time is right. 

Today's cards tell us that change is not only inevitable but also desirable. We fear change because we don't know what's coming next. And therein the answer - the concept of 'next' causes the fear! When you are able to centre yourself in the present, you will see that this is all illusory and there is nothing to fear. 

When you find that still small space within, from which all understanding springs, you will see the true value of giving up the need to know and surrendering to what is. You will be able to accept the change that frees you from repetitive cycles that would keep you stuck. 

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