Shine Your Light - A Summer Solstice Spread

Thursday, 20 June 2019

I love creating little rituals and enjoy the beauty and sense of ceremony they can bring to our everyday lives. In our home, we have a few different rituals that mark the changing seasons and points on the wheel of the year (even though I'm really the only one who follows that). One of the kids' favorites takes place tomorrow, on the Summer Solstice. We all gather in the room I now use to treat clients, but which used to be their playroom and they take turns to stand against the wall to have their height recorded. We marvel at how much they have grown and invariably talk about the things that have happened since the last solstice, and we look forward to the next. It's a time for acknowledging what has happened, making plans for the future, and also recognising that the nights will start to draw in from this point. 

When I went back to look at my previous Solstice Spread from two years ago, I decided to update it for 2019 by bringing in some of these aspects, so that I can be more aware of them when I do my own reading. This is a ritual that I particularly enjoy, and one I'm happy to share here for you too. 

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As always, this spread is intended as a starting point for your own inquiry. Use it in the way that best serves you, and please feel free to share it and/or to post your cards or reading on social media. If you'd like to tag me (@thecuriouscardslinger) or use the hashtag #TCCShineYourLight please do. 

Wishing you many blessings at this wonderful time of year. If you're in the Southern Hemisphere,  I have you covered too - please find my Midwinter/Yule Spread here. 

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