New Spread: (Strawberry) Full Moon in Sagittarius

Sunday, 16 June 2019

June's Full Moon in Sagittarius is commonly known as the "Strawberry" full moon because it is during the strawberry harvest. (I'm informed online that it's less commonly also known as the Mead, Honey or Rose full moon.) 

According to Moonology author Yasmin Boland, the energy of this moon is fun and it might also prompt many sighs of relief. It is a time of adventure, when you should find a balance between speaking your mind and saying far too much! 

With a more in-depth (Summer Solstice) spread for use at the end of the week, I've kept it simple for this moon, with just five positions. Of course, you can use as many cards as you like for each, if you're looking for a more detailed reading. As always, this is intended as a starting point, so follow your intuition when using the questions, journal with the cards you pull, or anything else that feels right for you. 
(click to view image in higher resolution!)

You're welcome to share this spread. Feel free to tag me on social media (@thecuriouscardslinger), and to use the tag #tccfullmoonsagittarius - I love to see what you do with these spreads. 

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