New Spread for Beltane

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

The days are passing so quickly, I almost missed this one, especially as my mind was already thinking about the upcoming moon. Anyway, if you'd like to try a Beltane Spread, this one is (flaming) hot off the (virtual) press. See what I did there? 

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Beltane is the midpoint between Ostara / the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. It's a time of celebrating the fertility of Spring, traditionally through a fire festival.  

As birthing the new requires both masculine and feminine energy, this spread aims to balance concepts of both receptivity and release as well as highlighting ways that you can use your innate gifts, and navigate the changes the season is bringing. Feel free to use as many cards as you wish for each position. 

I hope you will enjoy using it and that it will bring you truly helpful guidance and insight. Please feel free to share it, with attribution and without alteration. You do not need to ask my permission to do so, and are welcome to tag me in your social media posts using this spread. 

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