New Moon in Taurus

Saturday, 4 May 2019

If you're trying my spreads in the order I publish them, your recent Beltane reading should have a good idea of what is ready to come forth in your life, how you can use your gifts to help you through this time of growth, and you will have received advice on what will serve you as you proceed. (If you missed it, you'll find the spread here.) Today's spread is for the New Moon in Taurus and can be used as a follow-up or a stand-alone spread. 

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As Taurus (an earth sign, think suit of Pentacles) is concerned with the physical and practical, this spread is about your physical wellbeing, finances, worthiness, and bodily senses. It's about nurturing yourself and feeling great... which might initially involve facing up to some truths so that you can deal with them!  

If you use the spread, please feel free to choose as many cards as you like for each position, and/or to mix up your decks. There are no rules and, like all my spreads, this is intended as a useful starting point to access your own intuition and inner guidance with the help of tarot or oracle cards. 

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