Let's Talk: Phrasing Tarot Questions (& Intention)

Thursday, 14 March 2019

There are as many ways to read cards as there are Tarot Readers. Some Readers are happy to answer any type of question about any topic, while others prefer to take a more selective approach. I fall into the latter category, and this post aims to explain why. It was written to post elsewhere, but as it's related to Tarot, I thought it might be helpful to post here too, especially to anyone new to card reading. To all readers I would ask: do you have an intention for your client readings? Would having one be helpful? 

My business is called Intentional Healing UK. The use of ‘intentional’ is, well, intentional. The word sums up the way I aim to deliver all of my services, whether that’s healing, a card reading, an event, or something else. I like to be really clear about my own intentions and to ensure they align with those of my clients. In this way, things run smoothly, and we all know what to expect. 

When I wrote my ‘Mission Statement’ recently, it was clear that all of my work involves two things. Firstly, I aim to help remove blocks to healing. Secondly, I want to help you find the balance and awareness you need to create the life you want. This extends to the way I use Tarot (and Oracle) Cards and the questions I ask of what I believe to be a sacred tool that helps connect my awareness with the Source of Universal Consciousness. (Big statement, maybe we’ll come back to that another time!) 

Let me give you a practical example. I don’t like answering things like “Does X love me?” or “Will I get the job?” because I really don’t think those questions are terribly helpful. X might love you enough to smother you and stifle your self-expression, or you might get the job but hate it. So a simple yes (or no) might be the answer you think you want, but it’s not the most helpful in the long run. It certainly won’t help you to remove any blocks that you might have around love/relationships or work/abundance and which indicate healing is available to you. These yes/no answers do nothing to help you find the balance or awareness you need to create the life you want. 

So let’s consider what you might ask instead and how the wording your question in certain ways can leave space for answers you may not know that you need.
  • “What are the main lessons that I can learn from my relationship with X?”
  • “What aspects of this relationship are offering opportunities to heal and find greater balance in my life?”
  • “What should I be aware of in order to create a loving and fulfilling relationship?”
  • “Where might this relationship be (or become) out of balance?” 
  • “Are there things I’m not seeing about myself which might be impacting on my relationship with X?”
  • “What will be the likely outcome of taking this job?”
  • “What opportunities for growth could this job bring me?” combined with “What opportunities for growth might be present for me if I do not get this job?” 
  • “What should I be aware of, for my highest good, if I am to take this job?”
  • “How could this job help me to create the life I want?”
  • “What aspects of this job might not support healthy balance in my life?”
  • “What  am I not yet seeing which might be affecting my relationship/career in an adverse way?”
  • “What can I do to bring myself into alignment with my relationship/career goals?” 

I consider questions like this to be a better use of the opportunity to ask for guidance. They all leave space for things you might not yet be aware of, although in my experience people usually DO have an awareness on some level and the cards serve to confirm or consolidate their gut feelings. 

If you’ve been for an in-person healing session, or have seen the services offered on the IHUK website, you will have noticed that I am increasingly using cards in my healing work. As a result, 1.5 hour Reiki and Card Reading Combination sessions are now available. We start by looking at any situations or aspects of your life that you feel might be ready for healing, or require greater balance and awareness, and then move onto a full Reiki session. Find details and how to book here. 

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