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Wednesday, 30 January 2019

February 1st is Imbolc, the traditional celebration marking the beginning of the 'Wheel of the Year'. It relates to cleansing and preparing the land for the Spring. On a personal level, it can also be a time for new beginnings. If my last few posts have resonated with you, that may feel like something of an understatement! 

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I published this spread for Imbolc last year based on aspects of the Pagan celebration and also 'februo' (the root of 'February)', meaning "I purify by sacrifice"* which also ties in with Lent and Candlemas. If you have oracle or tarot cards and want to do your own reading, please feel free to use this spread as your starting point. If you'd like to purchase a personal reading using these questions, head over to my main website for more details and to book. 

 *Info from The Almanac 2018 by Lia Leendertz.

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