Collective reading for w/c 21/1/2019

Monday, 21 January 2019

Although you may feel quite certain and confident about your own thoughts and opinions, today's cards suggest you could benefit from taking a step back to consider a new perspective as this week unfolds.

 Deck: Influence of the Angels Tarot by Jody Boginski Barbessi
Archangel Cassiel, known for observation without interference, represents the Hanged Man. From his neutral viewpoint, he makes no attempt to act or judge, and remains unaffected by anything that happens around him. Can you say the same for yourself? If not, this is a strategy you would be wise to embrace. 

Cassiel also reminds us that taking time to pause, reflect, and evaluate is not only worthwhile for the sake of your own emotional wellbeing (see how calm and flat the body of water is?), but can also give a higher-level view and greater clarity over the situation(s) you will be facing this week. It may or may not alter your opinions or any decisions you go on to make, but will surely bring you greater peace of mind. 

Let me know if this resonates with you as the week progresses! 

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