30/1/19 - Time to let go!

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Today I asked for guidance on the best way to integrate the major shifts that have been happening lately and this is the powerful message that came through. You're invited to try it out to see whether - and how - it might apply to you.

Energy Oracle by Sandra Anne Taylor and illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia
The time has come to free yourself from the restraints and limitations that are either preventing you from moving forwards or severely hampering your progress. What are you still attached to that is holding you back?

In the image, you can see a woman who is not only chained to a fixed point but also has a mask. Do you feel that you have been hiding your authentic self? Are you worried about the way you will be perceived if you are to own the aspects that you have kept hidden? If so, ask yourself whether the disapproval of others really warrants living a half-life, in which you can't be authentic or genuine and where you keep important aspects of yourself amongst the shadows.

If you take the time to really understand what you're risking by 'coming out' as your most authentic self, you may well find that your fears are either completely unfounded or that the perceived risks are massively outweighed by the freedom you will gain by doing so. Imagine how much joy you will feel to be uncensored and to respond to things truly, and from your heart.

In the second card, Archangel Michael offers an assurance that it is now safe for you to own your power. (If you still don't feel this is the case, he can be called upon to cut away any attachments and cords that are no longer working for you. This includes old stories or beliefs, as well as any painful experiences that have caused you to limit yourself.) This might not have always been the case, either for you or your ancestors, but the recent shifts that we have talked about previously, have already eased the way.

It's no longer a question of whether you will set yourself free, but a matter of how long you are willing to continue to unnecessarily delay your freedom, and that is really up to you!

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