2/1/19 - Retreat, Listen & Trust

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Cards from the Angels and Ancestors Oracle by Kyle Gray and Lily Moses
Yesterday, I received a channelled message from a generous friend on Facebook. It said "You need to spend more time by yourself so you can connect more directly to your Higher Guidance." It was confirmation of what I already knew. After a few weeks of having my family at home 24/7 (and therefore no opportunity to fully relax or get into meditation without being disturbed), I'll admit that I'm looking forward to getting back to our normal routine tomorrow. 

I drew a couple of cards for collective guidance earlier today and almost didn't post them, thinking it really was just a personal message - ANOTHER affirmation of what I know I need to do. But when I managed to catch a few minutes to connect with them, I realised that it WAS a collective reading. I'm not the only one feeling like this. 

Following the build-up to the holidays, then the excitement (or stress) of the festivities, we could probably all benefit from grounding, taking some time to recharge and to reconnect - to our personal needs and to the greater Universal life-force / Spirit / Source / the Divine or whatever other name you use to describe it. The Hermit is sitting in meditation. He is grounded and centred. His hand position (mudra) is symbolic of the connection between universal and individual consciousness and receptivity. He sits before a mystical diagram - the Sri Yantra - which is symbolic of both masculine and feminine balance and a representation of the totality of the cosmos and the human body. 

The cave he sits in represents the heart space - the place in which you will find the guidance (and peace) you seek if you will only take the time to look inside. When did you last have the opportunity to do that? (Do you EVER take the time to consciously do this? If not, let the fact that you're reading this be the sign that you should try it.) 

The Animal Guardian reminds you to trust any inner wisdom and guidance you find within. When you leave worldly thoughts behind and connect to your natural feelings and instincts, you will see that there is really nothing to fear. 

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