17/1/19 - Tarot IRL (in real life)

Thursday, 17 January 2019

For purposeful structured readings, I tend to use spreads, so each card has a designated 'position' or meaning. For my daily draw these days, I mostly prefer to 'wing' it. I pick a card, see how it feels and where to go from there - either stopping at one or selecting more if that feels appropriate. 

Today, I thought about drawing a single card from the Universal Waite Tarot deck - one is often enough to spark a useful message or thought for the day ahead. Having not used this deck for a while, I liked the idea of diving into one card. That's not quite how it turned out. This post is about the way today's reading came about - if you want to skip straight to the reading, scroll down .... 

When I first turned my card over and saw it was The Tower, the phrase "it might FEEL like the end of the world..." jumped into my mind, and I knew that wasn't the whole thing - it was only part of the message. More context was required to complete it. At this point, I should explain that various minor upsets had already started the day on a dodgy footing and while none were real 'tower moments' I wasn't sure which, if any, might be the subject of the card, especially as the phrase I picked up was about it FEELING like the end of the world, with the implication that it really wasn't. 

That sentiment could easily have applied to two things. (1) Our son's reaction to being asked to do his chores, which escalated in a ridiculous fashion until he stormed out, slamming the door behind him. Or (2) to our dog having his fourth epileptic seizure in 48 hours. The first situation probably felt like a disaster to my son, and the second made ME feel worried (something I generally try to avoid). Since medication stabilised his condition, Archie usually has seizures in clusters of three, and four didn't feel terribly optimistic. I try to keep a sense of perspective but still, there was no way I could stop at The Tower after that! 

When I chose a second card, it was The Fool. This energy also showed up in yesterday's reading, although it was from another deck and had a different name. (That message was for the collective but also had a very clear meaning for me personally - I updated my last post yesterday evening if you missed it.)

I looked at both cards together and still wasn't entirely clear about the message. A reasonable interpretation 'by the book' would be that after an unexpected (life-changing) shift in circumstances there would be an opportunity for fresh start, but that wasn't it. I looked at the characters and saw that it could be reassurance that both my son (the fool!) and dog would shortly be back to their high-jinx, despite the rocky start to the day... or that they might both be heading for the cliff edge! I decided to pull a clarifier. As soon as I saw the Two of Swords, the collective (and personal) reading fell into place: 

You have a choice about the way you decide to view things, or to interpret whatever pans out. Whilst it might be second nature to either catastrophise and fall into panic mode (The Tower), OR to completely ignore what's going on in front of you and carry on your merry way (The Fool), a more balanced approach is recommended. Keep your emotions in check. Ground yourself. Remember to breathe*. Acknowledge whatever is happening in a rational / logical way. If you're coming from the perspective of either fear or blind ignorance you will not be able to discern the best way to proceed. 

A waxing crescent moon (as pictured on the Two of Swords) can be associated with turning over a new leaf and eliminating what isn't needed. Do you need to apply this to your thinking? Where are you expecting the worst? Or perhaps you have your head in the clouds and are not facing up to reality. If that's the case, what is it that you're not seeing? 

The moral of the story? If your freestyle reading isn't clear, trust your instincts - it may not be complete. When it is, you will probably find that you 'know'. 

POSTSCRIPT: The dog had a fifth seizure. I took my own advice and remained calm and grounded while I waited to speak to the vet (who advised monitoring him for the next few days). 

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