16/1/19 - You’re (more) ready (than you think)!

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Before I became a Reiki Practitioner, I designed knitted things and I still get queries almost EVERY week about one of my most popular and simple patterns. It's SO simple, people seem unable to believe that following the instructions will get the item they see on the picture. Instead of following the tried and tested pattern (which has been rated and reviewed many times, with pictures of the lovely items others have made from it) many people message me saying that they just don't see how it will work - it's too easy and surely there must be more to it. My reply to them is always the same - trust the instructions. Today's reading feels like that! 

Work Your Light Oracle by Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel

You know that thing that’s on your mind all the time? It's the thing that you’re daydreaming about, watching on YouTube, or reading about. The thing you’d love to do if you weren’t so damned scared of getting it wrong or looking stupid. Guess what....? It’s time to do it! 

Yes, really!

Today’s message couldn’t be clearer. It’s no coincidence that you’re thinking about this thing (whatever it is) ALL. THE. TIME. Deep down you already know this to be true, but it’s still necessary for it to be spelled it out to you. Why? Because you’re not yet clear on how it will bring you into alignment with whatever it is that you are here to do and that's ok. You don't always need to know how things will turn out, you just need to start moving! 

Chances are that you’ve already started to see/know/feel (or however you get your guidance) that this thing IS the next right step for you. Now you need to get on with it. The most magical thing about the Universe is that, when you put your mind to something and you ACT upon it with sincere intention, it will come TOWARDS YOU. Whether it’s guidance you need, a new teacher, the opportunity to do something, or to start learning a new skill, it will all start to fall into place just as soon as you make the first steps.

UPDATED: Hours after writing this post - with the heading "YOU’RE (MORE) READY (THAN YOU THINK)!" - I sat down with a book about the thing I'm being called to do. It's a new-to-me book that arrived after I did this reading. As I turned the page the subheading was "You May Be More Ready Than You Think"!!! (I love it when that happens!)

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