31/12/18 - Happy New Year?

Monday, 31 December 2018

Cards from Angels and Ancestors Oracle by Kyle Gray and Lily Moses

I pulled a couple of cards to mark the transition into the new year. 
On a personal level, they have a specific relevance when applied to the last year and how I should proceed into the next twelve months. 2018 was indeed the year that I really began to Follow (and Trust - capitals intentional) the “voice of my soul”, and when I started to fully embrace my ‘extra-senses' (which I do not believe are ‘extra’ at all - we all have them). I will certainly continue to listen to the whispers I wrote about in my last post (also Star Ancestor) as I move into 2019. In fact, these days it’s not so much a whisper as a magnetic force pulling me forward. 

Collectively, there is another message here. Just before drawing these cards, I saw a post with words to the effect of “don’t bother wishing me a Happy New Year as I’m pretty sure it’ll be another bad one.” These cards felt like a direct response to that post.

It is not necessary to have highly developed psychic abilities to see into your future - just as you don’t need to understand meteorological data to be able to look at the sky and predict what the weather is about to do. Your future is not set in stone... unless your mind is. You are being invited to look at your life as it is now. Recognise if you are being limited or blinkered in any way. Look at what might be holding you back. Are you doing what your soul yearns to do? (Are you fulfilled?) If not, how can you change that? What do you need to do differently? Today, I’m particularly drawn to the navigational aspect of stars in the second card. How can you connect into your internal GPS and ensure you’re heading in the direction you want to be travelling in? 

When you take an honest look at how things are going, you might realise you have a lot of work to do to get into alignment, but it may simply be that you can begin by changing the way you see / perceive things. It’s not external events or circumstances that create your experiences, but the way you see and react to them, and where you put your focus. (The recent popularity of novels like The Choice and The Tattooist of Auschwitz suggests to me that we are collectively becoming more conscious of this.) 

As far as your experience of life goes, your intention really is everything! Ultimately, whether you have a great 2019, or a crappy one, will be up to you. To paraphrase Napoleon Hill, what you conceive and believe, you will achieve. Expect more of the same (whether that’s good or bad) and you’re sure to get it! Open to new experiences, expansion and growth? Coming right up! 

As you move into the new year, know that you have the ability to experience it in exactly the way you wish. How you do that is entirely up to you. 

With love, 

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