29/12/18 - The Dots

Saturday, 29 December 2018

From Angels and Ancestors Oracle by Kyle Gray and Lily Moses

"The dots only make sense when you can join them. But they always join in the end." 
- Rebecca Campbell, Light is the New Black. 

Most of us move through life, moment by moment, day by day, without seeing a bigger picture or grand plan. Yes, we may have dreams or goals in some areas, but they rarely cover all aspects of our lives. 

It's only when we look back with hindsight that we can join the dots and see how one thing led us to another. The steps that resulted in meeting someone completely 'by chance'. The places we 'accidentally' ended up at just the right time. The significance of the incalculable steps and choices we made are not usually apparent AS we make them. 

The Star Ancestor card shows the joined 'dots' of constellations, as well as a Matix-esque series of code and his advice, is to follow the voice of your soul. What if your soul is actually whispering the steps of your grand plan minute-by-minute? What if it has already joined those dots and is nudging you in the right direction? How differently would you regard all the things that you are experiencing now if you knew this to be true? How would it affect your listening? 

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