23/12/18 - Feeling emotional?

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Between the recent solstice, full moon, and the build-up to Christmas, things might feel quite emotionally charged today. The Knight of Cups is carrying his cup (water and cups are symbolic of emotions/feelings and the unconscious) with great care and attention. His horse is reigned in, moving carefully forward as he plans to cross the flowing water. I sense this might be good advice for today!

The Queen has a lid on her cup, and she symbolises a lot of unconscious things that might be activated at this time. It's good to notice and observe them, as she is dong here, but important not to let them rule you. 

Although surrounded by water, notice that the Queen's feet are both on the ground, albeit close to the edge. She is considered to be compassionate, understanding, and highly intuitive. If you're dealing with the emotions that are coming up for yourself or others over the next few days, you would do well to follow her lead. 

Remember, if get dragged in you won't be in a position to offer help and might even need rescuing yourself!

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