18/12/18 - On Healing

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

As usual this morning, I pulled some cards for the day. Naturally, Medicine Guardian and Traveller made me think of Archangel Raphael - the archangel of healing and a great energy to call on when travelling / going on a journey. I called in that energy as I meditated on the cards and the following message came through. I have to say, it's a lot more direct than I would usually write...

On a spiritual level you are already perfect, whole and complete but in the realm of form you have forgotten this and perceive the opposite to be true. Embodied as a human, you believe yourself to be confined, limited and separate. There are many things you dislike about your 'self' - parts of your body, your character and your life experience. For many, this list outweighs the things you love and accept about yourselves, because you see only your fallible mortal bodies, each with an inevitable fate ahead. Even those who claim to believe in something beyond their current life form may well be living a life of fear (of your god, of others with a different god, of judgment, of death) which leads to pain and suffering. It does not have to be this way. Healing is available to you now. 

As the body you live in has changed and developed over time, the 'human being-ness’ you've experienced has manifested within it. This has happened in ways you like (your muscle tone since exercising, a smile just like your mother's, the skills you have developed through practice) and ways you don’t (physical scars and wrinkles, aches, pains and dis-ease caused by suffering, internalised fear, pain, and anger). 

Just as it has taken time to change from a newly birthed form to the body you now inhabit, healing is most likely to be an ongoing journey for you. A single moment of being 'fixed' - or realising that you were never 'broken' in the first place - is beyond your comprehension, and as your thoughts create your reality this renders such a miracle inaccessible to you at this time. However a series of smaller steps is much more manageable and so healing can be experienced as a journey which may include detours, unexpected encounters (some fun, some not so much), and various terrain. 

For some of you, that journey will include dealing with physical illness and dis-ease. For everyone, it involves progressing through the internal landscape - overcoming the ego's fears, upsets, feelings of unworthiness, lack of love and all the other ways you feel imperfect and incomplete. It will probably involve making changes, and working through problems which reoccur due to not being properly overcome the first or subsequent times. Ultimately it will ALWAYS require two things - forgiveness (of others/yourself/circumstances etc) and acceptance (of what is). Of course, this may not be at all obvious at the time! 

As you complete and integrate each lesson, more challenges will appear along your path. Be clear that I'm not saying this to worry you, or to make you feel the whole thing is therefore pointless. Quite the opposite. These are the lessons you NEED and the sooner you learn from each one, the quicker you can move on. It is your willingness - I might also call it stubbornness - to hang onto the suffering that causes you pain. Nothing else. Beyond the level of form you are ALREADY healed. You are perfect and complete. When you believe this, when you are willing to drop all the things you are hiding behind due to feelings of unworthiness, then you will see it. How long it takes is up to you.

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