17/12/18 - Calling Back Power

Monday, 17 December 2018

One of our greatest challenges is to overcome the ego's inclination to lash out, retaliate, and consider attack to be the best form of defence. Primitive instincts may involve asserting power through physical action, the application of force, or the threat of these, but true strength can be found in stillness. This applies equally to our relationships with others as to our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves as internal conflict is as painful and damaging as war. 

Card from John Holland's Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck, published by Hay House
It is through observation, understanding, and reconciliation that we begin to demonstrate our true power. This is not power 'over' someone or something, but the strength to integrate and accept what is (including our differences, our past, our experiences). When we do this, conflict and struggle become unnecessary. We then find our power in peace. 

On an energetic level, we 'lose' aspects of our personal power during conflicts, upsets, negative experiences and so on but can call it back and re-integrate it at any time using our intention. Think about any situations where you lost your power and use these words (or compose your own) to reclaim it: 

"I now call back all power that I have left behind, given away, or that was taken from me. I am whole and complete." 

Repeat this, with feeling, each time you remember a different situation or you experience something new, that requires your power to be called back. Use your mind's eye to see it coming back to you, as if on a retractable thread. 

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