10/12/18 - Let it out!

Monday, 10 December 2018

Do you see how comfortable the She-Wolf looks, howling by the light of the moon? There is a wonderful sense of release and freedom that comes with speaking your truth, being your whole unfettered self - especially if it requires stepping beyond your comfort zone. 

In her weekly newsletter, Sophie Bashford wrote: "When we withhold our energies - of love, light, power, creativity, healing, compassion, wisdom, abundance - we stymie the circulation system of the Universe." This is precisely what happens when you withhold your voice. Maybe this is the nudge you need to speak up! 

I wonder if you've been feeling called to share your talents lately, or whether you're still uncovering and developing your gifts so that you will be ready to share them with others. Collectively, and on a personal level, this feels like an important time for transformation and (re)discovery of the things we were born to do. Can you feel the shift too? 

The Shapeshifter is able to change at will, which must require focus and, no doubt, plenty of practice. We can't expect to be able to master our skills without those things. How are you nurturing your abilities and strengths?

Did you notice that both cards feature a wolf? Maybe an animal has been repeatedly showing up for you lately - if so, what message does it have for you? (For me it's hawks - also pictured!!!)

Cards from Angels and Ancestors Oracle deck by Kyle Gray and Lily Moses.

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