07/12/18 - Imposter syndrome?

Friday, 7 December 2018

Do you suffer from 'imposter syndrome'? Are you waiting for something to happen, or for some fixed point in the future before you will be 'ready' to shine your light? If so, this is a message for you. Today's card speaks of embracing your gifts and using them for the benefit of others, even if you feel that you have not yet earned your stripes. 

Deck: Angels and Ancestors Oracle by Kyle Gray, illustrated by Lily Moses 
The White Witch represents the maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess. She speaks of new beginnings, purity, the innocence and enthusiasm of youth. She is pictured with a horned owl symbolising ancient knowledge, wisdom, and intuition. Which of these do you most identify with? 

The owl's gaze is clear and direct - it's almost as if it can see into your soul. If it were to do so, I believe it would be telling you that you are already more capable than you can possibly imagine, even if you feel as inexperienced as a young girl. You do not need to wait or delay - you can 'be the light' right now. Simply keep your intentions pure and listen to your intuition - trust in yourself. 

You might have also noticed the butterfly (transformation!) in the White Witch's hair. I believe it's saying that it's time to spread your wings and fly! 

Personally, this was spot on today. I've been procrastinating for months about offering personal (email) readings. It's time. I've listened to all of the guidance I've shared this week, and listed a few options on my website - you can find them here: www.intentionalhealing.co.uk/readings. 

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