06/12/18 - Crumbling

Thursday, 6 December 2018

I intended to draw a pair of cards for everyone reading this post, but the message had not yet changed from the very clear guidance which came up earlier this week. I pulled the third card and still, the message was very consistent with the earlier cards from other decks. The situation has not significantly changed - yet.  It was a fourth that added clarity - 'The Crumbling'.

Deck: Work Your Light Oracle by Rebecca Campbell, illustrated by Danielle Noel.
If you missed the earlier posts, you might want to go back to them for more detail, but here's a brief recap: it's a time for creation, for birthing something new - but to do so you must get into alignment with your true self and let go of the things that are holding you back. This might relate to beliefs, relationships, circumstances, or even just fear of change!

Only you will know what this is for you, but whatever your personal theme, today's addition is an important one.

Based on the archetype of 'The Tower', The Crumbling suggests that while letting go may not be easy, it IS necessary. Until you can surrender to the process, you will not only delay what's coming (which will be in your interest) but are also likely to feel conflicted. At this time, if you don't make the choice to let go (of whatever it is) then it's highly likely the choice will be taken out of your hands. Don't you think it's better to be the one making the necessary change on your own terms, than reacting to it?

If you're not sure exactly how this applies to you, tomorrow's new moon will be a great time to get clear on your intentions, which might give you the inspiration and clarity you need to recognise the need let go of whatever it is that's standing in your way.

You might also like to try journaling, or using some of your own cards, to clarify the specific application of this message in your life.

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