04/12/18 - Stepping Out

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Over the last few days, I've talked about 
 - nurturing new creations/plans, 
 - trusting they will come to fruition, 
 - being in alignment with your intentions (which makes knowing the fine details unnecessary), and 
 - shedding the old so that you can be ready to step into the new. 

Today's message is about taking the first steps towards whatever it is you want. 

It feels strange and uncomfortable to move beyond your comfort zone, but with focus and determination, there's no reason you shouldn't start... by taking things one step at a time. Interestingly, the woman (pictured) is carrying an arrow rather like the one that appeared a couple of days ago. When that showed up, I talked about intention being 'magnetic north' - helping you to navigate - as well as the importance of feeling safe as you step into the unknown. This card feels like a reiteration of both those points. 

I love the way that she's depicted leaving a grey stone building with a solid wooden door (it feels very traditional, maybe even institutional) and now has the entire universe at her feet. Notice that she is taking things slowly. I feel that's important here. This archetype is often seen rushing foolishly in or 'leaping' into the unknown, but in this card, the woman is very calm, steady and focused. This feels like good advice. 

Further advice is offered in the pair of clarifying cards I drew from a different deck. The first is about the power of your thoughts. In 1937, Napoleon Hill famously summed this up by saying “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” A reminder that believing in a goal or plan is essential to manifesting it. In the image, the figure has the moon on a string - there's no harm in thinking big (or daydreaming!) while you're still figuring things out. 

The final card is a(nother) reminder of the importance of patience and trust. There's no hurry - another key message at the moment. Things will happen in their own good time. Taken literally, it is also a reminder to breathe. Breath is not only vital to your wellbeing but it is the thing that distinguishes the physical feelings of excitement and nervousness - both have the same butterflies-in-tummy/needing the loo feeling! Have you noticed that you hold your breath (or shallow-breathe) when you're afraid? Next time that happens, focus on your breathing and get present, then see how much better you feel! You might find meditation helpful at this time - it can relieve feelings of fear, anxiety, and stress, which you might encounter during periods of change. 

If you're still not feeling ready to make the move you're thinking about, I'll leave you with a final quote from Napoleon Hill. “Do not wait: the time will never be 'just right'. Start where you stand, and work whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along.” 

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