02/12/18 - Safe to trust

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Trust was a big part of yesterday's reading (see the previous post) and appears again today so it's obviously something that needs repeating - this time with further guidance. We are reminded that in order to trust, it is necessary to feel safe. How do we do that? The arrow is pointing north and is surrounded by a protective circle - these are both major clues!
Cards from Angels and Ancestors Oracle by Kyle Gray and Lily Moses. 
To feel safe we must ensure that those (people) in our 'circle' are supportive and do not pose a threat to us - physically or energetically. Threats need not be physical, our energy will be affected whenever we feel drained, on edge, or defensive, so it's important to maintain a safe space in that respect too, which might mean making adjustments to aspects of your lifestyle or relationships. 
(The circle depicted in the card suggests to me that some aspect of ritual may be helpful for you - perhaps by creating a sacred space in your home for meditation or prayer, or even just the lighting of a candle and giving thanks each evening, all of which can help to make you feel more connected and supported by the Universe.)
The arrow also shows that we need to be in 'alignment' with our desires, plans or intentions. If you're feeling unsure about the exact form your intentions will take, or what the 'final outcome' will be, that's fine. It's enough to get really clear about your overall INTENTION and to hold that as your 'magnetic north'. With that fixed point, you can navigate sufficiently to end up in the right place, even if you have to course-correct around obstacles along the way. 
In fact, Father Sky tells us that we don't NEED to know the minute details. Having the right intention and clarity of focus is the precise combination you need to (co-)create what you want (with the Universe/Source/Divine/God). Nothing else is required. Like the seed in yesterday's post, we need only plant it and trust that it will grow in its own time, even if we can't see what's happening below ground. 

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