01/12/18 - Nurture, then Trust

Saturday, 1 December 2018

It’s not just our children that require nurturing. ALL our creations - including the things that we metaphorically ‘birth’ - need time to be held, cherished and cared for in order to grow and develop. While holding space for them to do so, trust is required. 

Cards from The Angel Oracle by Ambika Wauters
Consider a seed. When it is first planted beneath the soil we can ensure it’s watered, but pretty much the only other thing we can do is trust that nature will take its course. If we were to keep digging the seed up to check on it, it wouldn’t be able to germinate and send out the first shoots and leaves.

The seeds of our ideas and plans are much the same - they need to be securely planted but there’s a point at which they then have to be left to do their thing. We can only trust that when the time is right, they will flourish. 

Just before picking these cards, I was talking to a friend about making plans and how it’s important to recognise the different parts of the creative cycle, including expansion and contraction. I see both these things reflected in the arms of the angels pictured. They are a reminder that there is a time for holding close and a time to release... and that we would be wise to recognise the difference. 

What are you nurturing right now? Is it time to hand it over and have faith? 

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