31/05/18 - Past, present, future

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Past/present/future reading from the Mystical Shaman Oracle

PAST: Tree of Life stresses the importance of being in balance. In order to send out branches that are high and wide, it's necessary to have deep roots that reach just as far. We also cannot grow to our full potential without being firmly anchored and grounded. ("As above, so below...") You have consciously focussed on this and now, with a solid footing in place, it's time to get to work. 

PRESENT: The Hummingbird may be tiny, but don't let his size fool you - he's ready to take action and those little wings are incredibly fast-moving and capable. He is a symbol of lightness, resilience, and independence. Is that an egg in his claws? He is poised and ready to hatch something new and wonderful. 

FUTURE: On an instinctual level, the Drum takes us back to our innate connection with all of life - it echoes the heartbeat of the womb, and of the universe itself. In this position, it is a message that it will soon be time to surrender as you feel the rhythm of life beating through you and allow yourself to give up any thoughts of resistance or struggle. Let that beat lead you all the way 'home' to your true Self.

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