01/04/18 - Be You

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Decks: The Wild Unknown and Connected and Free, The Alchemist's Oracle

Where are you so focussed or stuck in your beliefs or opinions that you’re not seeing the bigger picture? The Son of Swords is a reminder to evaluate your approach and to consider whether your current level of focus and determination is the most appropriate and effective way to achieve what you want. Hasty and blinkered, the Son is so fearlessly focussed on his end goal, he has lost sight of the present moment as well as any other possibilities. He’s entirely ‘in his head’, and unable to consider that his way may not be the only way! Can you relate to this? 

The Chariot is also in motion, and she is also fearless. Unlike the Son of Swords, however, she also uses her intuition - the moon over her brow chakra is surely a sign of receptivity and openness to wisdom which does not come from ‘logical thinking’. There is a boldness, a directness, in her approach and the card’s four (stability) red (root chakra, the foundation of emotional and mental health) corners show us that she is grounded and secure as she heads for her destination. Typically this card is about being in control and overcoming obstacles to achieve what you want. What is she telling you about your situation? How can you bring the energy of The Chariot into play? 

The answer seems to be in the third card - “Be You”. Rather than forcing or rushing things, this is about being in the flow. Being present in the moment and using your senses, intuition, and your (authentic) sense of truth to guide you. 
When we use our feeling senses to align with ourSelves, our passions, purpose and talents naturally spring from our richness. - Lauren Aletta

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