New Moon in Pisces Spread

Friday, 16 March 2018

According to Yasmin Boland, author of Moonology, Pisces is "the home of dreams, mystical matters and compassion". She advises you to "think about what you're thinking about". For this reason, my New Moon in Pisces spread focuses on achieving clarity of vision, releasing fears (that you are already aware of, and those you aren't), and tapping into your intuition so that you can manifest what will truly serve you. Like the phases of the moon itself, this appears to me to be a cyclical, rather than a linear process.

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If you'd like to try this spread, you simply need a Tarot or Oracle deck and a little time to connect to your intuition / subconscious / guides / higher self / whatever else you call the thing that you access through the cards. 

Select at least one card for each of the positions, but feel free to draw more, if you wish. The spread is intended as a starting point for this inquiry - please do make it your own by adding extra cards, using a variety of decks etc, as you see fit. You may also find it useful to journal about the cards you draw in particular positions, and to revisit the reading again before the full moon to see whether your interpretation has changed as the moon cycle progresses. 

Note that position 5 talks mentions 'hearing' intuition, but is intended as a general catch-all phrase, even if you 'feel' or 'see' more than you 'hear'. Think of it as 'paying attention to' your intuition, if you prefer. 

Feel free to leave any feedback on the spread and insights you gain using it in the comments below, on Instagram or on Facebook, where I'm using the tag #TCCnewmoonpisces.

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