Full Moon in Libra Spread

Thursday, 29 March 2018

This weekend brings the second full moon of the month - known as a 'Blue Moon' - and it will be in Libra. Libra energy is all about relationships, partnerships, beauty, and balance. It's a good time to consider how you are showing up for others, and how you're balancing that with your own needs too! The full moon is always a great time to forgive (yourself and others) and to release any energies that are no longer serving you. All of these elements are combined in my new spread. 

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If you'd like to use this spread, you will need a deck of Tarot or Oracle cards of your choice. Shuffle the deck thoroughly, as you clear your mind of anything else, and then select at least one card as you think about (or speak out loud) each of the six questions. If you feel that you need more than one card to get a full answer to any of them, or you need clarification on any of the cards drawn, then please do so - this spread is intended as a starting point. (If you need further tips, please see this post.)

I love to see how you use and interpret my spreads when you share them on social media, so feel free to tag me @thecuriouscardslinger on Instagram or Facebook. (Please note that I do not have the time to write my own interpretations of your cards.)

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