15/03/18 - Take your pick!

Thursday, 15 March 2018

After a short break in posting daily readings, I'm back today with yet another 'fork in the road' situation. This has been coming up a lot lately (for me, and when I've drawn 'collective reading' cards like this) suggesting there is some sort of energy shift happening at the moment. Talking to friends and family it does indeed seem as though many of them are making big decisions or initiating change in their lives - is it true for you? Do you feel that you are at a crossroads? If so, perhaps there is a message here for you. 

Deck: Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake, illustrated by Elisabeth Alba

Last Thursday I posted a photo of my daily draw on Facebook with a caption saying that the theme was similar to the previous reading and drawing attention to the Page of Pentacles and his interesting method of decision making (a coin toss). Here he is again - poised for adventure, just waiting to see which way the coin lands, although it must be said that he seems more interested in the journey or adventure - the life experience - than the final destination. So what do the other cards tell us about making a decision? 
Unsuccessful people make decisions based on their current situations. Successful people make decisions based on where they want to be. - Unknown
To one side we have the Five of Swords, and while this isn't the traditional interpretation, this is what I see in it today: A determined young witch is juggling with swords near a large bubbling cauldron. The smoke suggests that magic is involved in performing this display, and it's clear the other two witches are not happy about it - one can't even look. Their companion cats tell the story too - the juggling witch's cat is sitting defiantly with it's paw on her spell book (suggesting she knows exactly what she's doing) while both the other cats look away. The reaction of the witch in the red dress is fear (-of how it will end? -of getting hurt?) and even her cat is cowering. 

Fives are about challenge or conflict - they hark back to The Hierophant (V) who represents tradition, rules, conventional behaviour and, to some extent, resistance to change. Swords are thoughts, ideas or beliefs, so it looks like the juggler's behaviour is challenging the established mindset or status quo, and that she's having a much easier time adapting to it than her companions who just don't 'get' her. Regardless, she's quietly determined, focussed and really quite quite pleased with herself... but there are bound to be repercussions of some sort. How might this apply to you and your situation, or one of your options? Can you see any parallels? 

How about the Three of Wands? Here we see a solitary witch standing on a grassy cliff over-looking the sea. She has three wands and is using one of them to direct her energy outwards while she stands firm and tall, the wind blowing her hair and cape behind her. A cat and salamander are looking in the direction of the magic, although we can only guess what they see. 

In contrast to the juggling witch, there are no other people to judge, worry or hold her back while she works her magic. Her focus is absolute, and she looks strong and powerful. There is no doubt that she is very close to achieving what ever it is she's intent on. 

While writing this, I noticed that the Page's background shows an interesting parallel with the cards to either side. To the left, there is a town or village suggesting community and collaboration. On that side, the juggling Five has company, however disharmonious. To the right of the Page there is a solo tower, and the Three is alone. 

Are you deciding whether to 'go it alone' in relation to something, or whether to stay in a community or situation where you don't quite fit, are misunderstood, or things are a battle? If so, the Page's advice seems to be that whichever road you take, you will have interesting experiences, so all that remains is to get on and make a decision!
Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed decision. - Tony Robbins

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