07/03/18 - Forward Motion

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Deck: Universal Waite Tarot
Following on from the difficult decision-making depicted in yesterday's Two of Swords, today we see forward motion. The Three of Swords, a reminder that we can use grief and pain as an opportunity to transition to a new phase*, is followed by the Six of Swords and Six of Wands. 

In the Major Arcana, VI is the number of The Lovers and their togetherness, harmony, and equilibrium sets the tone for the sixes in all four suits. In each of the sixes we see interaction with, and giving or service to, others. The Six of Swords shows a hopeful transition from a place of uncertainty (choppy waters) to the safety of the far shore where the waters are calm, and trees grow. 

In the Six of Wands we see a victorious parade. Whatever the reason for it, the main character is riding high and his horse is bold enough to give us the side-eye! This is a card of optimism, pride at achievements, and also of gratitude. As in the Six of Swords, the people in this third card are still moving - they are not yet at their destination - but importantly they are travelling together. Whether they are being lead by the mounted figure, or cheering him on, there is a celebratory air, as symbolised by the laurel wreaths and the horse's clothing.  
You will leave homes, cities and countries to pursue grander ambitions. You will leave friends, lovers and possibilities for the chance to roam the world and make deeper connections. You will defy your fear of change, hold your head high and do what you once thought was unthinkable: walk away. And it will be scary. At first. But what I hope you’ll find in the end is that in leaving, you don’t just find love, adventure or freedom. More than anything, you find you. – Isa Garcia
All of this suggests a decision has been made and it's time for movement (away from painful indecision and conflicted thoughts) towards some sort of personal freedom or victory. 

What transitions are happening for you at the moment? How can you harness the power of the Sixes?

Postcript: Incidentally, I've been working with Chakras as part of my Reiki practice today and I can't help but notice the colours in these cards correlate to five of the main chakras and seem to accentuate the card meanings, whether intentional or not.

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