Imbolc Tarot Spread

Thursday, 1 February 2018

There's a lot happening this week! Not only are we still under the influence of yesterday's special full moon, but here in the Northern Hemisphere* it's also Imbolc (pronounced 'imulk'). This traditional wheel of the year celebration relates to cleansing and preparing the land for Spring as the sun is strengthening and the days lengthening. 
We begin the journey around the Wheel at Imbolc... this is the time of new beginnings after a long hard winter. Days are beginning to lengthen and the first signs of the returning spring begin to show themselves. Bulbs begin to sprout shoots after their 'death' during the frozen months and the ice begins to melt.  - Mark Ryan, The Wildwood Tarot
I read (here) that the base of the word February is "februo" which means 'I purify by sacrifice' and indeed this time of year includes many rituals that involve suspension, fasting or absence (think of Lent). All of these aspects have been combined in my new Imbolc Spread.
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As always, the spread is intended as a starting point. You can use any Tarot or Oracle deck of your choosing - you may even like to combine them. (I'll be using The Wildwood Tarot which feels the most appropriate deck for wheel of the year spreads.) 

Choose one or more cards for each of the positions and can also use additional cards as 'clarifiers' if you wish. If you're not sure of the message I would also highly recommend journaling about it as this can be very helpful. If you take a photo of your spread, and share it on Instagram or Facebook, please tag me (@thecuriouscardslinger and use #tccimbolcspread ) so I can take a peek - I love seeing these spreads in action. 

*In the Southern Hemisphere it's Lammas - find my Lammas spread here

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