Full Moon in Virgo Spread

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The full moon is always a great time for gratitude and forgiveness - letting go of the things that we no longer need, whether on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. In addition, this week's full moon is flavoured by Virgo. Yasmin Boland¹ describes the Virgo full moon as having a "finicky and anxious" energy while Theresa Reed aka 'The Tarot Lady' recommends taking a deep breath and looking at the areas in your life which are chaotic and need more organisation. It's certainly a good opportunity to keep things in check.

At each full and new moon I write a Tarot spread to help uncover the things that will be most beneficial at the time, and this month I've decided to put the focus equally on balancing the internal and external things that I would benefit from working on in the coming month.

I'm happy to share the details with you here. If you'd like to try it, click on the image below to see it more clearly. 

To use: Choose a Tarot or Oracle deck, shuffle it, and pick your cards from the deck in any way you like. The positions are intended as a starting point for your own inquiry so feel free to select more than one card for any or all of the prompts. (Positions 1 and 2 may apply to yourself or others, so you may like to distinguish between both aspects by selecting more than one card. )

If you like this spread and share it on Instagram or Facebook, please feel free to tag me as @thecuriouscardslinger and to use the hashtag #tccfullmoonvirgo. You can also find previous spreads by clicking here.

¹ See Yasmin Boland's website or her book Moonology for further information. Amazon affiliate link. 

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