Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse in Leo Spread

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

This is the first full moon in quite a while that everyone is talking about, and I'm not just referring to any 'woo' people in my Instagram or Facebook feeds, but literally everyone I spoke to today is aware of this 'special' full moon due to the high volume of mainstream news coverage. Although I won't be able to witness tomorrow's lunar eclipse in the UK, the moon has been looking spectacularly huge and bright for the last few nights and it's clear that there is a lot of powerful energy around! 

In honour of the special occasion, I've written a new spread which you might like to try out over the next couple of days. A lunar eclipse is a time of change and 'shaking things up' so this is reflected in the spread which aims to help you to stay open to, and to process, the lessons that you can take from the current energies. 

To use the spread simply grab your favourite Tarot or Oracle deck, give it a shuffle as you calm your mind, and then draw at least one card as you ask each of the six questions. The spread is intended as a starting point, so if you're not sure of the advice in any of the cards drawn, you may like to select additional cards for clarification. 

When you've completed the spread I would highly recommend taking a photo and/or making notes that you can come back to later. I usually find that reviewing my readings after a day, week or month, helps to bring additional clarity - this is the main reason I keep a Tarot Journal. If you choose to share your cards or your insight on social media, please feel to tag me (@thecuriouscardslinger) and to use the hashtag #tccsuperbluebloodmoonleo.

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