29/01/18 - Past, Present, Potential

Monday, 29 January 2018

Deck: Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso

Something happened in the past that filled you with doubt. You felt trapped, vulnerable and helpless. You couldn’t see a way out of a situation and it was as if you were held captive... but it was only your thinking that made it so. 

Having freed yourself from those limiting beliefs, you are now able to navigate challenges with more ease - and it might even seem like fun as you weave amongst the obstacles in your path. Take a look at how far you have already come! Your energy and vitality are much improved. Take the time to acknowledge how you’re changing things for the better. If you don’t already believe in yourself it’s time to shift your attitude, because you’re already doing what you need to do. 

Equilibrium, being in the flow (rather than struggling against it), and making good decisions are indicated in the Present and Potential positions, so these are likely to be ongoing issues for a while yet. Balance is an important theme right now. This may be related to your health, finances, or something you are creating, as all of these are symbolised by the suit of Pentacles. What are you ready to bring to fruition? What do you need to balance out in order to make things go smoothly? Even if you have a sound plan in place, you’d be wise to stay adaptable and not to take things too seriously. 

Just as your thoughts created your previous (and current) situation(s), the choices you make next will be crucial to a favourable outcome further down the line. There is potential for you to witness for yourself that ‘what goes around comes around’ when something you already set in motion pops up. Be sure to apply sound judgement and to be accountable for your decisions, whichever way they turn out. 

It’s not always easy to see things from an objective point of view - it takes intention and practice. This is especially true when you have a vested interest. ‘Justice’ is a reminder to have integrity and act fairly, even if you have reasons not to, because ultimately there is a divine order to things and you always reap what you sew. (You can’t plant an acorn and expect a rose bush to grow from it!) 

The main lesson here is to look at the choices you already made and see what happened as a result. Let that guide you. See the sword that Justice holds? It just might represent a breakthrough!

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