26/01/18 - Distance & The Rift Tarot Spread

Friday, 26 January 2018

In contrast to yesterday’s draw which showed two birds connected by genuine love, today’s card from ‘Secrets of the Mystic Grove’ is an invitation to consider any strained relationships in your life. 
Deck: Secrets of the Mystic Grove by Mary Alayne Thomas and Arwen Lynch

The birds in this image are physically separate, looking in different directions, and oblivious to their (beautiful) surroundings. The puffed-out chest of one, and the intentional stare of other suggests more than a hint of stubbornness may be at play here. Whatever caused the rift, neither looks as though they are willing to make the first move to bridge the gap between them. 

It can be the same with people in our own lives. Sometimes we find that a distance has grown between us due to a single catastrophic event or maybe it’s happened so gradually we didn’t realise it at the time. It’s common for relationships to experience discord when one (or both) of the parties goes through any form of change or growth. Major life events often lead us to re-evaluate our own priorities and beliefs, and impact on our relationships. We are cyclical beings, and our relationships reflect this so we can’t expect to get along with everyone all of the time. 

When you find yourself in this kind of situation there are really only two things you can do to resolve it. You must either be prepared to make the first move to put things right, or make the decision to walk away. Either way, it’s important to be honest with yourself about the real reasons for the issue, and to honour yourself and others. Is making amends in the best interests of those involved? Be honest about why the rift occurred. When you have identified that, consider if it's something that CAN be healed and whether it SHOULD be - there is a big difference between these points. It might be time to move on. 

Consider that there is always a cost and a payoff in these situations. How does the relationship nurture and support you, and what is the payoff for being part of it? Who else does it impact, and in what way? What is the ‘cost’ of walking away versus that of putting it right? It might range from the (minor) risk of rejection if you make the first move, to the (major) cost of not being authentic if you are to resume the relationship - be sure to watch out for your ego when you evaluate that one! 

As a starting point for working through this type of situation, I've put together a simple spread. Use any tarot (or oracle) deck of your choosing, and select at least one card for each position. You can pull additional cards for any of the points, or for extra clarity. 

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