04/01/18 - Equilibrium

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Deck: Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso

With one foot in the pool (the unconscious realm), Temperance blends fire and water to produce a rainbow, the promise of peace after troubled times. This is a paradox as water usually extinguishes fire! Also, this water is defying gravity - it's moving into a cup which is not directly below it. 

How does she do it? It seems like magic because we are used to a dualistic approach to life. We categorise things by their opposites. (Good / bad, light / dark, joy / despair, etc.)

Temperance literally means 'moderation' - she is showing us what can happen if we are able to avoid going to extremes and can follow the middle path. A harmonious blending or bringing together of opposites is not only possible but with the right handling, it can create something really beautiful. The lotus flowers and butterflies, symbols of expansion / spiritual awakening and transformation, hint at other benefits of finding the right balance too. 

Which aspects of your life could benefit from greater equilibrium and less extreme reactions? What steps can you take to redress any imbalance? How can you bring peace to yourself and those around you?

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