02/01/18 - Keep on Digging!

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

In The Akashic Tarot* (Klingler &Taylor, 2017) the suit of Keys represents lofty things such as values, wealth, success, worth, achievement, power and authority. The keys also reflect opportunities to open up to new levels of understanding. Today's reading includes both of these aspects, via the 3 and 6 (which fell out of the deck together behind the third card). 

Have you recently been through a situation where you needed to detach yourself to gain a better perspective? Maybe you were unsure of other people's agendas, or you were simply not convinced that their motives were aligned with yours. Whatever your personal reasons for doing so, it was wise to take a step back, because that has made space for something far more important and fulfilling. 

'Increscent' is an uncommon way of saying 'waxing' moon, as depicted in the 6 of Keys. The new (dark) moon is the time for making your 'wishes' - calling in what you need, and intend to create. But the 'increscent' moon is the time to actually get to work in order to manifest those things, as the moon waxes (increases) to its fullest. 

The third card shows that the thing being sculpted and brought into form is your (true) Self, as the full moon shines down on Uriel and the Sphinx. Traditionally, Archangel Uriel (whose name means 'Fire of God' or 'God is my light') is the angel of wisdom, representing transformation, self-understanding and problem-solving. He is also considered helpful in letting go of destructive emotions. 

The Sphinx represents the need to keep digging deep... do you see where this is going?! In order to keep it clear of the blowing dust and sand, it's necessary to diligently dig and clean it. Over and over again. Because the sands keep on moving and it's impossible to stop them. 

This is an important message - even if you have already done lots of work on clearing out the 'dust' in your life, you have to realise that you'll never be "finished". Just like the moon phases, the process is cyclical and constant. It's not easy, but it's the most important work that you have to do. 

In the accompanying book, the deck authors write that "the Sphinx represents the enigmatic and inscrutable - the silent holder of truth and the ancient mysteries of the world. Here Archangel Uriel connects and confers with this great source of mystery." This begs the question - who will you connect and confer with, as you unravel your own mysteries? Maybe a mentor or fellow-seeker is ready to help... With the (full) Super Moon still visible as I write, you might want to keep a look out!

*A 62-card deck recently published by Hay House, find my review here. Amazon affiliate link included.

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