Yule Tarot Spread

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

It feels only a few weeks since I wrote a spread for Samhain, and it's Yule tomorrow! Yule, or Midwinter Solstice, is the shortest day of the year and while friends in the Southern Hemisphere are enjoying beautiful blossoms and beaches**, here in the North we are enduring the cold and dark. For me, it's a time to snuggle up and to take stock. (It's also a hopeful time as the days will start to get longer in the run up to the Sumer Solstice.) The spread I've written, and which I'm happy to share, is therefore a simple personal inventory - a chance to look at what needs to go, or be brought in, where energy should be saved or spent. Finally it seeks to celebrate the best of this year, before preparing to move into the next. 
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As always, you can use any deck of your choosing, and you may like to pull more than one card for the different positions. There are no right or wrong ways to use the spread which is intended as a starting point for your own intuition and insight. Whatever feels right to you, please go with it! 

If you're sharing on social media, feel free to tag me - I'm The Curious Cardslinger on  both Instagram and Facebook where I'll be using the hashtag #tccyulespread. 

While you're here, another small housekeeping matter. I've been posting my daily draws on social media and a few people have mentioned that they are not confident to 'like' or follow the content there as anyone and everyone can see what they are reading and commenting and many are in the 'Tarot closet'. So from today, I'm going to be publishing my daily draws here too - if you want to see them you can either visit the blog regularly, or subscribe so that the posts come discretely into your inbox. There is a link in the sidebar (or scroll if you're using a mobile device and can't see a sidebar). Hope that helps!

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