New Moon in Sagittarius Spread

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Each month I have been using the new and full moon time as a reminder to evaluate certain areas of my life. As the new moon is due in Sagittarius, I'm using the energy of that sign to determine where to inquire next. Sagittarius is about truth-seeking, enlightenment and perspective-changing / travel. The Sag people I know (and I know many, including my mother) love fun but get bored if their attention isn't held so this needs to be balanced. These aspects have all been incorporated into my latest spread. 
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If you'd like to give it a try, use your own choice of Tarot cards or Oracle cards, if you prefer. Shuffle the deck and select the cards in any way you like. Each position requires at least one card, but feel free to select more for further advice or clarification on any particular point. As always, trust your intuition and go with your own preferences - the spread is really intended as a starting point for further investigation. 

I would highly recommend taking a photo of your spread, and writing down your interpretation / journaling with the spread so you can come back to it in the coming weeks to review how it's going. Slinging cards is great fun, but the real benefit comes from working with the reading afterwards, and integrating the lessons into your life. 

If you'd like to share your own spread (with or without the interpretation) on Instagram or Facebook, please feel free to tag me @thecuriouscardslinger where I'll be posting, using #tccnewmoonsag.

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