Full Moon in Cancer Spread

Sunday, 31 December 2017

The new year coincides with a full moon in Cancer - you can find the exact times for your location here. It's not just any old full moon, but the Super Moon - meaning that the current proximity to the earth will make it appear larger than any other full moon during 2018. This part of the monthly cycle is always time for closure and release but it's especially apt as we move into a brand new year. 

Cancer is a Water sign and as we know from Tarot, the suit of water (cups) represents emotions. With such a strong new moon, coupled with the expectations and celebrations of the beginning of January, there is a potential for strong feelings to well up. This new Tarot Spread is designed to help you shine a light onto the sensitive issues that may arise when the full moon is in Cancer. 

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A key theme of this full moon is nurturing. It can highlight the balance between nurturing others and looking after yourself. It's also a good time to consider what you truly need, how you can accept and care for your true self, including any the 'messy' bits you'd rather see hidden - think of the Moon card in Tarot and how it often shines a light on the murky 'shadow' aspects of self! Birth-family or chosen-family issues can also arise, so take a look at how you are being in relationship to others. 

To use the spread, take your favourite deck, give it a good shuffle and then using any method that you like, select one or more cards for each position. As with all my spreads, this is designed as a starting point and you are encouraged to use your intuition over any instructions I can give you. 

I hope you find insight which is helpful for the transition into the New Year. If you would like to share your cards or feedback on social media please feel free to tag me. You can find me on Instagram and Facebook, and on Twitter - I'll be using the hashtag #tccfullmooncancer.

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