28/12/17 - Growing through challenges

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Deck: The Starchild Tarot (Akashic) by Danielle Noel
We don’t grow when things are easy. While it might sound trite, it’s true that the things which challenge us, cause the biggest shifts in our evolution. So why do we automatically put up so much resistance when we find ourselves facing difficult situations? Why do we cling and suffer, rather than learning our lessons quickly and moving on? After all, the positive aspect of hitting rock-bottom is knowing the only way is up! 

The Ten of Swords might be one of the most dreaded cards in the deck, but to consider it a “bad” card is to miss it’s most redeeming quality. Tens represent the completion of a cycle - the end is in sight. Let’s not forget that Swords are about thoughts, perceptions and decision making. So the Ten of Swords actually indicates that you’re at the point of breakthrough and insight. That thing you’re so worried about? You can now choose to put it behind you. 

The Two of Crystals (Earth/Pentacles) reminds us that balance is important. Stay grounded and go with the flow without getting swept away by it. Which is to say you need to accept that you are in the position you’re in, but also that you have responsibility for yourself - for your thoughts and choices. Remember that repeating your old patterns and behaviours will just lead to repeating the whole cycle over again. Do you want to do that, or are you ready to grow? Look for the lesson and you’ll find it. 

Get really clear on your priorities. How do you want to move on from here? What can you do to be in alignment with your goals for the future?

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