24/12/17 - Situation & Advice

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Deck: Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso

If you're feeling restricted, bound by commitments, unable to see how you'll navigate the next few days or just vulnerable and alone, today's draw is for you. 

I asked what message would be the most helpful to anyone reading this post, then pulled two cards for 'Situation' and 'Advice'. I wasn't wholly surprised to see the Eight of Swords - the festive season can bring up all sorts of unhelpful thoughts, and I've spoken to numerous friends over the last few weeks who are approaching the holidays with a sense of dread or panic. Some for being pulled in different directions, others who feel trapped within situations they don't want to be in, or just having to spend precious holiday time doing things they don't want to*. The common theme is feeling inauthentic or out of alignment.

The Chariot is a reminder that you can take control at any time, even if you're conflicted about your ability to do it - maybe you've been conditioned to believe otherwise or other people are projecting their own crap onto you (this can easily happen when there are expectations around what a 'perfect Christmas' or a 'perfect family' should look like). 

Remember that you can choose your own way forward and call back your power at any time simply by being authentic and clear about your own destination. In the book Rise Sister Rise, Rebecca Campbell says "If you know who you are with conviction, no one can define your worth, take away your power, bring you down, or say what is possible but you."

What can you do to feel more authentic? How can you take control of your own experience, and make it so? What restrictive thoughts or beliefs do you need to break free from?

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