22/12/17 - Overwhelm

Friday, 22 December 2017

Despite the recent 'release' and 'surrender' theme, I found it VERY hard to stick to my own advice today. In fact, I spent most of it feeling overwhelmed. If you're familiar with the hokey-cokey song you might have an idea of my day - in, out, in, out.. etc - but the thing being 'shaken about' was my patience. Between pick-ups, drop-offs, waiting around for people, and thinking of all the things I still needed to do, I tried my best to stay calm and grounded. It didn't really work. After a long day I finally I sat down to pull a card and wasn't surprised to see the Ten of Wands. 
Deck: Original Rider-Waite, published by US Games

Tens often represent excess / 'too much of a good thing', and this card in particular might strike a chord with many in these final days before Christmas. There is SO much going on, and if you easily pick up on the energies of others (especially if you have excited kids at home, like me) then, far from feeling full of festive joy, it can be incredibly draining. 

You'll have realised by now that I like to use the Tarot as a kind of personal therapy, so what's the lesson here? Let's look at the imagery. Firstly, this guy is carrying far too much (what some might even call a "lazy man's load"). He needs to put some of it down, and if it can't be abandoned for good he could come back for it later. Secondly, he is carrying it awkwardly, he can't even see where he's going! He's surely heading for an accident if he keeps this up - at the very least he'll have a stiff back. There must be a more effective way to transport this heavy load. Perhaps he could ask for help from someone else, or at least find a wheelbarrow or cart if he has to continue alone. (Honestly, it looks like he hasn't put much thought into this). 

I can see how all those analogies might apply to my own day. I've been running around trying to get various things done, and I could have asked for help or at least planned things better (or said no to other people instead of rescheduling things for others, and then wishing I hadn't). Some of my burden was certainly to do with feeling put-upon which is not a healthy state of mind. However, recognising these things, being the 'observer' (rather than the martyr), actually provides the way out.

I can now go to bed having taken responsibility and as I write this post, I'm already feeling much lighter than I have all day. For me, this is the real beauty of Tarot. Without sitting here and contemplating the lessons in this card, I'd have gone to bed still feeling overwhelmed and drained. Now I have insight on my feelings today and it came very easily after just taking a step back to consider it. The Tarot acts as a mirror - it reflects things we might not always want to see but which can help so much, if we are willing to look and act on it. 

If you've been feeling a bit 'Ten of Wands' too, you might also like to consider what you can put down, and why you're carrying the burden. Who are you doing it for? What do you get out of it? Is it a way of avoiding something else? Can you find a better way forward?

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