21/12/17 - Transformation

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Deck: Sun and Moon Tarot by Vanessa Descort
So far, this week's readings have been about releasing fear and relaxing into the flow of life. Today's draw from the Sun and Moon Tarot shows exactly what to expect when you are able to do that - the short answer is that you will have access to a clear way forward, a new beginning, and mental clarity!

For the extended answer, let's look at the individual cards in more detail. The five of Swords (she reminds me of Merida from the film Brave) has overcome doubts and fears and stands triumphant. She is looking out over a vast blue sky from a great point of vantage. 

The Fool not only shows the innocent traveller heading out over a cliff, but in his backpack he's carrying a caduceus - symbolic of intuition, well-being and healing. He's also accompanied by an upwardly swirling butterfly, which represents transformation and hope. It's important to remember that a caterpillar has to dissolve into an unrecognisable gloop before transforming, and it can often feel that way for us too. How many times have you experienced something that seemed terrible at the time - as if the world was ending - only to end up grateful for the way things turned out? This is where the element of 'surrender' comes in. You don't always know what's ahead, but when you accept being in the flow of life you make way for transformation. 

The Ace of Swords goes one step further - it represents fresh insight or a breakthrough in understanding. It also echoes the transformation this will bring (the snake on the handle), as well as an extension of consciousness (symbolised by the crown). The moon shaped guard jumped out at me today, reminding me of the High Priestess - this suggests intuitive or subconscious knowing. Even if you haven't acknowledged it yet, you already know what you need to do to to bring about these changes. The Solstice is a perfect time to consolidate what you need to release or call in - you can use my new Yule Tarot Spread to help (see yesterday's post). 

So healing, transformation and a new phase of life are all waiting for you. What are YOU waiting for?

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